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Activate your product

Use the unique code you received after purchase to register and activate your product.

www.avg.com/activate | Enter Avg Activation Code

If you have any of AVG product on your system that can be activated at www.avg.com/activate webpage where a user should enter Avg Activation Code on the given field. AVG antivirus software initiates your device to block each malware, threats and viruses coming from any of sources such as internet or input device like a USB drive and others. One must purchase and enter Avg activation code at www.avg.com/activate so that user can download and install AVG antivirus setup smoothly on your device.



Have you got your Avg Activation Code or not?

Before you reach www.avg.com/activate webpage on your browser, ensure that you have purchased your Avg Activation key from an online or offline store. To get the activation key, you can either visit a nearby retail store or can go through online stores. If you don’t have the Avg Activation Code yet, then purchase one. You can get the key from Walmart or bestbuy or offline store, and then you can enter it on www.avg.com/activate webpage to activate your software.


AVG Account Registration And Login – www.avg.com/activate

Creating AVG account is the essential step to make your AVG download and installation process easy. Here are steps to register and login your AVG login account, follow below;

  • Open the browser and visit http://my.avg.com.        
  • On this login page, click on “Register” button.
  • Fill the information and submit the details.
  • Confirm your email and click on “Confirm My Email” so that your AVG account could get activated.
  • Tap on the “Continue” button and login with your newly created account.
  • You can check you subscription as well as another status report.


Redeem Avg Activation Code key – www.avg.com/activate

It depends on the purchasing of your AVG key that how can you redeem it at www.avg.com/activate site. So, if you have visited your nearby retail store, then you must have a retail card. This retail card can be redeemed easily by scratching its backside. To redeem the retail card, check its backside where the code is located, scratch it and enter this code on the website www.avg.com/activate on the activation box. The second case is online purchasing; when you purchase the key online, it sends you this key on your registered email address. Then you will need to copy the key and paste on www.avg.com/activate activation box.


Install and Activate AVG Antivirus – www.avg.com/activate

Once you get the Avg Activation Code from online or offline stores, you can install AVG using www.avg.com/activate site. But before you must create your AVG account which helps in further activities such as activation, downloading and installation. Follow the below steps to install and activate AVG Antivirus on your system;

  1. Open your browser and paste the link – www.avg.com/activate (official site)
  2. If it asks you enter the code, then enter Avg Activation Code and click on Confirm code. Then login with AVG account.
  3. Otherwise, choose your product and then select your platforms such as windows or mac.
  4. Click on “download” button on the same www.avg.com/activate page.
  5. You can now, open the downloaded file setup on you downloaded file folder.
  6. Double-tap on the setup icon and start installation.
  7. Now, click on “My AVG” button which is located on the top of the screen.
  8. Click on “My Subscription” tab.
  9. Choose “Enter a valid activation code” tab.
  10. Type or paste the Avg Activation Code on the text box.
  11. Hit the enter button.
  12. If it asks you to enter the login details, then submit them otherwise skip it.
  13. Now, you are done but restart the device before you start your first scanning with AVG software.


Products you can activate at www.avg.com/activate webpage

AVG Technologies offers the various product of AVG antivirus according to user’s personal and business needs. One can activate below products that user can activate at www.avg.com/activate webpage. Check below –


  1. Products For Multi-device
  • AVG Internet Security
  • AVG Ultimate
  • AVG TuneUp having AVG Driver Updater
  1. Products For Windows 
  • AVG Internet Security
  • AVG TuneUp having AVG Driver Updater
  • AVG AntiVirus Free 
  1. Products For Andriod
  • AVG AntiVirus
  • Alarm Clock Xtreme
  • AVG Cleaner
  1. Products For iOS and Mac
  • AVG TuneUp Premium for Mac
  • AVG AntiVirus
  1. AVG business editions
  • AVG Internet Security Business Edition 
  • AVG AntiVirus Business Edition 
  • AVG File Server Business Edition 


Reactivate AVG AntiVirus for Android

If you have downloaded the AVG on your android app and want to reactivate the app, then you don’t need to go through www.avg.com/activate webpage. Follow the below steps –

  • Login to Google play store with the previous account that you used in purchasing AVG.
  • Tap on AVG antivirus icon showing on your device home screen.
  • Open the AVG app
  • Tap on the ☰ menu and click on “Remove ads.”
  • Select  menu and click “Restore license”.
  • It will automatically retrieve the code, and your app will be activated.
activate avg antivirus

activate avg antivirus

 For any AVG issue, you can contact support. Enjoy the security with AVG.